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Red gorilla Tidee with fork


This Tidee with Rake is the perfect tool for maintaining the home, garden and stable. This set comes with a scoop and long-handled rake that is great for poo picking, tidying and clearing up messes hassle free. The sleek design of the Tidee makes it lightweight and easier to use. The Tidee is constructed from durable plastic and anodised steel handles which mean this is a tool built to last.

  • Made of strong, durable plastic and lightweight anodized steel
  • Frost and fade resistant


  • Features: Equine, Garden, Light Weight, Weather Resistant
  • Weight: 1400g
  • Width: 30cm
  • Length: 30cm
  • Height: 80cm


More Information

Do you like to keep your garden spic and span but don’t look forward to the back strain associated with the job? The Tidee makes it easy. The handles on both the pan and rake are long enough you can always stand up straight, taking the stress off your back. And the size of the pan and rake mean you can pick up more in one go - making the Tidee the perfect tool for outdoor use.

No one looks forward to cleaning up after their horses or pets, but you don’t have to dread this task anymore! The Tidee is the best tool for this necessary —and seemingly never-ending!—job. The metal rake makes it simple and painless to collect only what you want without harming your precious lawn and shrubs.

Tough, durable plastic and anodized steel handles make the Tidee easy to clean, as well as being frost and fade resistant.

Our customers don’t only use the Tidee for horse/pet mess. It makes every outdoor clean up easier. Specially designed to reduce fatigue and ease back strain, you’ll never have to bend over to collect sodden leaves, fallen rubbish and other debris again. And the metal rake makes mulching and spreading bark chipping a cinch!

Whether you’re cleaning animal housing, tidying the garden or scouring your garage or workshop, the Tidee will make your life easier. It’s lightweight, strong and durable which makes transferring swept up debris from the floor or ground into a bin, compost heap or skip a piece of cake. You can count on the Tidee for almost any outdoors job.

The Tidee makes garden chores simple, so what are you waiting for? Add it your cart now.


“I love my dogs, but I don’t love cleaning up after them—in fact, I’ll admit I used to dread it! But the Tidee makes it so quick and easy, I don’t put it off any more.”

“I’ve always been house proud, and so has my partner. We love the gumtree in our back garden, but it loses leaves all year round! That’s not a problem anymore—we just take turns using the Tidee to clear them away and keep our yard at its best.”

“I’ll be the first to say I spend a lot of time in my flower garden. But when my doctor said I had to stop because of the effect on my back, I went looking for a solution. Tidee has helped a lot—I use it to collect up any debris I need to get rid of, and I even use it to spread out the mulch! I’ve even told my doctor about it!”

“Cleaning up after horses is no easy task, at least it wasn’t until I found the Tidee. Clearing the stables, the yard and even in the fields is a whole lot easier with my pink Tidee!”